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        Company ProfileMORE+

        Zhejiang ruian yunjiang plastic machinery co. Ltd. Is a well established company in the manufacturing of a wide range of plastic bag machine including blown film extrusion(film blowing machine),plastic bag making machines,flexographic printing machine,rotogravure printing machine,stretch film machine,bubble film machine,recycle machine,straw making machine and other plastic machines.
        "RUIAN" production team have over 15 years produce experience,most of our machines export to Nigeria,south africa,iran,dubai,south amrica,Chlie,brazil,Colombia,Argentina,Peru,Venezuela,Uruguay,Surinam,mexicoEgypt,iran,Isrel,bahrain,Cyprus,Iraq,Jordan,Kuwait,Lebanon,Oman,Qata,Saudi...See more+

        Product showMORE+

        Bag Making MachineMORE +

        Bag making machine suit to make plastic vest bag,patch bag,flat open bag and shopping bag. It is of high degree of automation and good...MORE+

        Film Blowing MachineMORE +

        It’s extruder, cylinder and screw rods are made of quality 38COMRALAthat have been nitrized and processed in a precision way. Hence it is...MORE+

        Printing MachineMORE +

        Suitable for printing such packing materials as polyethylene,polyethylene plastic bioglass paper and roll paperetc.and it is a kind of...MORE+

        Packaging machineMORE +

        This machine is widely applicable to the automatic film packaging (with gold tear tape) of various single boxed articles, such as the medicine...MORE+

        Cross-cutting, cutting machineMORE +

        slitting machine with edge position controller,powder brake and air shaft,it suitable for slitting and rewinding PE film,BOPP film...MORE+

        Stretch Film Machine,Bubble Film MachineMORE +

        This unit uses LLDPE as main material and adopts several kinds of resins to manufacture the single/double-side self-sticky stretch wrapping...MORE+

        Steering wheel cover machineMORE +

        Machine type: Automatic Steering Wheel Cover Machine, cover making machine, plastic cover making machine, disposable cover making...MORE+

        Shoe cover machine, cuff machine, glove machineMORE +

        Automatic Sleeve Cover Machine, Sleeve Cover Making Machine, plastic Sleeve Cover Making Machine, disposable sleeve cover...MORE+

        Mask machine Bar hat machineMORE +

        this machine could produce 1 to 4 layers non-woven substance face misk。specification could adjust。it can produce face misk...MORE+

        Other equipmentMORE +

        machine also produce and supply other plastic machines and machine parts,such as straw making machine,gear box...MORE+


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